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We offer the following Services:

  • Routine and Annual Inspections
  • FAR 145 Repair Station Service for Enstrom, Robinson, Schweizer and Bell 206B helicopters
  • Inspection, removal and installation of accessories
  • Component Adjustments
  • We are capable of handling your engine issues and inspection.  Everything from carbureted piston to turbo charged fuel injected.  We have the experience to make every customer understand and have confidence in their engines.
  • Minor repairs and alterations
  • Installation of STC's
  • We can now offer track and balance on aircraft with our new microvibe II system with truly moves track and balance into the 20th century.  We now consider track and balance to be one of our specialties. 
  • Pre-purchase Inspections
  • For the aircraft that is giving the owner trouble, we have the capability to pick the aircraft up on location with our trailer which has its own attached Crain so as to remove the hassle of firing a Crain to be on site as well.  We are proud to offer this service as making our customer comfortable is a top priority. 

Transport & Recovery

Tomlinson Aviation is able to handle all of your helicopter transportation needs.  Our truck and trailer service is designed to add additional comfort to any owner unsure of the current status of their aircraft.  If maintenance is required, we can retrieve your helicopter and perform maintenance at our facility.  Transporting by trailer is also a cost-effective way to move your helicopter to job sites or maintenance facilities.  

Tomlinson Aviation offers helicopter recovery services, in the unfortunate event of an aircraft accident.  Our truck and crane-equipped trailer can handle a range of helicopters, and we are able to service most of the Southeast with our equipment.  We can also work with your insurance company to arrange recovery at no cost to you. 

For pricing and more detailed information, please call us at 877-FLY-HELO.