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Scheduling flights and ground instruction is made easy with Flight Circle.


Tomlinson Aviation is an approved Part 141 flight school.  This means we can offer you the ability to complete your rating using our Part 141 syllabus, or you can train at your own pace under Part 61.  We believe in simple, straight-forward pricing for flight training.  Our price per flight hour of $310 in the Sikorsky/Schweizer 269C-1 includes the instructor as well as pre and post-flight briefings, fuel, and insurance.  Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) price: students who have completed all ratings with our school will be charged $340 per hour plus $10.00 for pre-post.  Add-on students will be charged $370 per hour, plus $10.00 pre-post.  All others will be charged $400 per hour plus $10.00 pre-post.  The FAA requires you to fly a minimum number of hours to be eligible for a certificate under FAR Part 61 and 141.  Keep in mind that individual requirements may vary depending upon each person's abilities.  A motivated, conscientious student can reduce his or her total time of ground instruction by studying material at home.  We do not require program flight courses to be paid in advance, but we request a positive balance of $1,000 on account.  All unused time is totally (100%) refundable.  FAA examiner fees are not included in our price schedule.  


Ground instruction must be paid in advance, the amount of instruction will be based on which course you are completing.


Initial Helicopter Rating Requirements

Currently all flight training in Sikorsky/Schweizer 269C-1
 *Other than Turbine Transition performed in Jet Ranger BIII
 *Following based on minimum FAA Requirement and based on an average student
Private Pilot Course        
Flight - 40hrs @ $310         $12,400.00
Ground Instr. - 25hrs @$55  $1,375.00     Total                               $13,775.00
Average completion time 6 weeks
*Reference CFR 61.105 and 61.109 *For Add–On Reference 61.109C and 61.63 Flight Time: min 30hrs
Commercial Pilot Course
Flight - 115hrs @ $310             $35,650.00
Ground Instr. - 35hrs @$55        $1,925.00
    Total                                     $37,575.00
Average completion time 16 weeks
*Reference CFR part 61.125 and 61.129
*For Add-On Reference 61.129C and 61.63 Flight Time: min 50hrs
Certified Flight Instructor Course 
 *current and/or formal TAI students
Flight - 15hrs @ $340            $5,100.00
Ground Instr. - 20hrs @$60   $1,200.00
    Total                                  $6,300.00
Note: If you have no prior flight training
experience with Tomlinson Aviation, we require 15 hours of flight training @ $400 per hour for the Certified Instructor Course.
Instrument Rating Course 
Flight/sim - 40hrs @ $320       $12,800.00
Ground Instr. - 35hrs @$55      $1,925.00
    Total                                   $14,725.00
*Reference CFR 61.65
Flight Time: min 15 hrs
Prior experience required: Private pilot helicopter
Note: The Instrument Rating Course may be combined with the Commercial Course to make it more cost effective. (Reference FAR 61.65)
Certified Flight Instrument Instructor Course
Flight - 15hrs @ $320            $4,800.00
Ground Instr. - 20hrs @$60   $1,200.00
    Total                                  $6,000.00 
Prior experience required:  Valid Certified Flight Instructor certificate, and a valid Instrument certificate.
Airline Transport Pilot Prep Course:
Flight - 10hrs @ $320                  $3,200.00
Ground Instr. - 15hrs @$55            $825.00
 Total                                           $4,025.00
*Reference CFR 61.65
Prior experience required:  Applicant must meet the requirements under FAR 61.153, 61.155, 61.161
Turbine Transition Helicopter:
Flight - 10hrs @ $1200       $12,000.00
Ground Instr. - 20hrs @$55   $1100.00
    Total                                $13,100.00
Prior experience required:  Valid Private Pilot helicopter certificate.
Initial Helicopter Rating Requirements Part 141
Private Pilot Course
Flight - 35hrs @ $310          $10,850.00
Ground Instr. - 35hrs @$55   $1,925.00
    Total                                 $12,775.00
Commercial Pilot Course
Flight - 115.5hrs @ $310             $35,805.00
Ground Instr. - 30hrs @ $55       $1,650.00
     Total                                    $37,455.00

All ADD-ON RATINGS are tailored to fit each individual in the most cost-effective manner possible.  Prices subject to change at any time required.  Please call us for further information at 1-877-FLY-HELO.