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Q: Ok, I have always been interested in learning to fly helicopters.  Where do I start?

A: The first step is to obtain an FAA medical examination.  After all, why spend all of the money to find out later you aren't physically fit to fly?  Second, contact Tomlinson Aviation, Inc. to discuss your needs.  A friendly member of our staff will be happy to assist you with any further questions

Q: I've heard helicopter flying is expensive.  Do you have any methods that I can use to fund my education?

A: Yes, there are various methods to fund your helicopter flight training.  We work with lending institutions to provide career furthering loans.  Contact us or visit our Flight Training page for further information.

Q: I have experience flying airplanes.  Do any of my fixed-wing ratings apply to helicopter experience?

A: Absolutely!  You may use ten hours of logged flight time toward your helicopter private pilot license.  Other logged flight time will be beneficial toward obtaining different ratings.  contact our flight department for consultation and discuss the best option for you.

Q: What types of jobs are available to helicopter pilots?

A: Just like airplanes, most helicopter pilots obtain their ratings and begin teaching to accrue hours.  For an experienced pilot, possibilities are huge.  Some of the jobs include: Law enforcement, Military, Fire fighting, EMS, Executive transport, Ferry pilot, Agricultural spraying, Lifting (external load) operations, Offshore oil rig transport, Utility patrols, Tuna spotting, Sight seeing tours, Cattle herding (believe it our not), Test pilot, real estate tours…etc.

Q: Approximately how long does it take to become a rated helicopter pilot?  

A: To start from scratch and obtain a private pilot rating, the FAA requires a minimum of 40 hrs.  We usually tell students they can do it in 45-55.  The average student usually takes around 6 weeks to complete the course.