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Tomlinson Aviation is a premier helicopter academy, offering the ultimate in versatility.  If you're ready to take on the challenge of learning to fly, Tomlinson Aviation can help you reach your goal!  Tomlinson Aviation is located at the Ormond Beach Municipal Airport in Ormond Beach, Florida.  Because Florida is famous for its year round sunshine, we can offer almost 365 days a year of ideal flying weather.  Just North of Daytona Beach, the World's Most Famous Beach, and 45 miles miles distance from Orlando and its many theme parks, our Ormond Beach location puts you in the center of activity in the Sunshine State.



May 25th, 2008

Tomlinson Aviation 92 Hangar Way Ormond Beach, Florida

Mr. Neal Tomlinson, 

Recently I had the wonderful experience of training at Tomlinson Aviation during the week of May 19, 2008.  I had flown down from New York in an attempt to complete my Private Pilot Helicopter Add-on.  Having been unable to do so in New York due to many problems in the local training arena, and the unseasonably long stretches of bad weather, I sought a solution.  After researching many helicopter training centers out of state, located in fairer weather, I contacted Tomlinson Aviation and spoke with Greg Vretis.  Greg was very helpful in understanding my situation, and offering needed direction.  He assured me that at Tomlinson, I would obtain my goal.  After speaking with Greg, the choice was quickly made to train at Tomlinson.

David Prater who would be responsible for my training subsequently contacted me.  David was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and courteous in all our phone conversations.  He impressed me with his "can do" attitude.  I felt very confident that he would get the job done.  David displayed the uncanny ability to zero in on the causes of my mistakes and offered the simplest of solutions to each of them.  Problems were all quickly overcome.  Flying the helicopter due to his efforts became "fluid" and natural.  My training was completed in a remarkably short three days!  David is surely a credit of your company mission.  The training was top-notch, pleasurable, and conducted in a "no pressure" environment.  Everyone at Tomlinson, from administrative personnel to the great A/Ps that maintained the aircraft in such fantastic condition, was superior.

I was treated foremost as a customer, but also as a friend.  This is what I feel makes Tomlinson so special.  My interaction with all those at Tomlinson was the same as if we were family.  It was a truly wonderful feeling to be there.  Recommending Tomlinson to my colleagues and others wishing helicopter training will be easy to do.  In my more than 30 years in aviation, I have seldom come in contact with a training school where everything operates as it should.  At Tomlinson, everything was found to be far above expectations.

Well, there was one thing I did find wrong with Tomlinson.  You don't believe in medium polo shirts.  Hahahahahaha.  If anyone is heading down to you, make sure they eat good before getting there.  Not to worry.  Missy said she would have them ordered so I could get one.  Couldn't resist the opportunity to make a little joke.  It will be my pleasure to train with you again.

Frank Scotto

Brooklyn, New York

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